The Vault Collection by Julie Paisley

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The Vault Collection by Julie Paisley

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 Hello Friends!

If you have been around here for awhile, you know that I give gifts to YOU during my birthday month so here we go!

10 years ago I started creating courses for photographers.  I have a degree in education, so it was just natural for me to want to educate others. I’ve always been one to share my knowledge with others because I believe that together we can make our industry better.

For most of my 16 year career, I’ve been known as a wedding and film photographer so I created courses in those niches.  It started with The Wedding Day course which was our first course and a little embarrassing looking back at it now, 10 years later, but I’m still going to include it because even though it is outdated, there are still some valuable nuggets for you, don’t judge, we were brand new with course creation lol.

After that, I added the Booking without Fear course which at the time, was what I taught in my in-person workshops. Again, some of it is dated because of when it was created but hey, just sharing how I grew my business and this is the vault so some things you use and some things you adapt for what’s working now.

Then there were our film courses:  Shooting Film without Fear and Transitioning to Film without Fear.  Again, these were recorded in 2016 and 2018 so things have changed in the film industry as well. 

I recorded my last course, Posing without Fear in 2020 while traveling in our RV during Covid.  Lots of great information for posing couples of all sizes and help with flow posing. If you struggle with posing, you need this course!

I’ve even included the JP Passport as a bonus, which was a year of monthly downloads and classes.

All together these courses sold for over $4000 but you can purchase this month only for $147!

Again, BIG DISCLAIMER, these courses were recorded over a span of 10 years and at the time of recording was working for my business.  I know things are different now, but I do still believe that a lot of this information can still be relevant or adapted to what’s happening now.

And for the price, it’s totally worth it!

Hours and hours of education that you will have lifetime access to and it's only available for the month of JUNE before it's retired forever!

I've also included a $50 off coupon code for my new Everyday Film 101 class when you purchase!

Thank you again for your purchase, it truly means the world to me when you support my business.