Secret Private Listing Book Ambassadors

All The Pretty Places

Secret Private Listing Book Ambassadors

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Shhh! Top Secret but you are invited!

I’ve been talking about it and planning it for years and the time has finally come. I’m ready to publish the first edition of All The Pretty Places, the coffee table book.

I have decided to use crowd sourcing to publish because I want to own the rights to my images. I also want full creative control. I’ve spent thousands of dollars traveling and photographing it all on film and as an artist, making 5% of the profit by going with a publisher just feels yucky. 

So I need your help.

I’m opening up a 100 spots for ambassadors. You will get to walk through the design process with me. Helping me choose images, stories, the cover. You will be the first to see the book. You will hold the first copies of the book signed by me. You will be invited to the exclusive launch party and your name will be listed in my book. I want my community to be a part of this because I couldn’t do any of this without you. 

I want to launch this by Christmas. Will you come on board and help me?

xoxo, Julie