Posing without Fear online course

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Posing without Fear online course

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Especially on unpredictable wedding days! Rushed timelines, brides and grooms that can't seem to relax, and the constant weight on your shoulders (besides just camera bags). You want to create the beautiful images your clients hired you for, but the stress is holding you back from your fullest potential. 

So you resort to using the same old poses, prompt the couple, "to smile and laugh at each other!" and hope that no one notices that every. single. wedding or session looks the same. 

Well, fear no more!  Introducing my Posing without Fear online course and it's yours for only $129 this BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND only! (Normally priced at $899!)

Here's what you get, it's jam-packed full!!

Module One

-How To Really Get to Know Your Clients
-How to Create a Game Plan BEFORE Your Arrive
-How to Leverage Different Personalities
-Your Brand New Secret Sauce For Getting Couples to Actually Relax + Look Natural

Module Two

-How to Get 40+ Poses (In 10 Minutes Flat)
-Difficult Posing Situations: How to Overcome + Anticipate Them
-Posing When a Partner Has a Disability 
-Posing When the Bride is Taller Than The Groom
-Posing When Both Couples Are Plus Size 
-Posing When Bride is Plus Size + Groom is Smaller 
-Posing When Groom is 2ft Taller Than The Bride 
-Posing For The Camera Shy 
-Posing When They Ask NOT To Be Posed 

Module Three

-Developing Your Personal Posing Flow
-Signature Poses That'll Have Clients Wanting to Book You! 
-Why You Need 4 CORE Poses (And How to Make Them Unique For Each Client)
-Client-Lead Posing For Natural Results

Bonus Live Videos

-Flow Posing With A Real Couple
-Flow Posing With An Editorial Bride (Model)
-Flow Posing With A Traditional Bride But Incorporating Fine Art Posing
-Flow Posing With A Groom
-40+ Images in 10 Minutes Using My 4 Core Poses

It's time to up your posing game!  Purchase this weekend only for an incredible price of $197!

***After you purchase you will receive an email within 24 hrs giving you access to the course.