Intro to Film Live Online Workshop

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Intro to Film Live Online Workshop

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Jan. 12th, 12pm EST:$97
Jan. 19th, 10am EST:$97
Feb. 16th., 12pm EST:$97

You've asked, I've listened!

If you have ever been interested in film but have no idea what camera to buy, how to get it developed or how to even get started shooting it, I have just the class for you!

And guess what? You don't even have to be a professional photographer to learn!

I've offered online film courses in the past but what I have noticed is that many people don't follow through!  But, what if you learned it on one day, LIVE with me (so you can ask all the questions) and have a support group on your journey? Wouldn't that make a huge difference?

Well, today is your lucky day! And this weekend only, you can save $100 and get this 3 hr live group online workshop for only $97!!!

You will learn:

How to choose your camera.

The basics of the different types of film and how to meter, rate and shoot it.

Major differences between shooting film and digital.

How to work with a film lab.

Best time of day to shoot film.

Understanding light when using film.

And so much more...

Online Workshop Dates:  Jan. 12th (12pm EST) Jan. 19th (10am EST) Feb. 16 (12pm EST)

Film completely changed my business. If you have been curious about adding film into your business or you just want to shoot film for a hobby, this is the perfect class for you!

Can't wait to see online!