French Lavender Honey

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French Lavender Honey

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My favorite item to purchase in Provence during Lavender season is Lavender honey. I promise it is not the same produced here in the states. Mix it in your favorite tea and it is heaven.

This is Summer honey from the pollen of lavender flowers, in Simiane la Rotonde (Haute Provence), fetched by bees from Thierry Pironnet's “Apiary of Faron”.

Lavender honey is a clear honey when liquid but that crystallizes quite quickly and then becomes whitish. Very aromatic, it also has a positive effect on heart and respiratory disorders.

The properties of honey are multiple: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants (which reduce the formation of free radicals responsible for aging). Honey improves calcium and magnesium retention as well as blood hemoglobin levels.


Made in France