Everyday Film School - Shooting Film 201

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Everyday Film School - Shooting Film 201

Sale price$325.00 USD

Once you take the online class, it's time for some in-person, hands-on learning! This will not be a styled shoot for portfolio building but we will be shooting film all day long in different lighting situations (indoors and outdoors) with different subjects.

Experimenting with the different film stocks and techniques is how you learn your style instead of just copying what someone else is doing. Gone is the day of Fuji400h and the Contax as the holy grail. Film has so much more to offer and my goal is for you to embrace it all and shoot film for you. 

You cannot shoot film like digital and the key is understanding how film works differently with light. Let me show you how.

Date: March 22nd, 2024, Austin, Texas

Time: 9-5pm

$650 (normally $900) - Lunch and snacks are included
Payment Plans - $325 due now, $325 due Feb. 1st