Burnout to Balance 4 Week Group Coaching

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Burnout to Balance 4 Week Group Coaching

Sale price$175.00 USD
11am EST time slot:$175
2pm EST time slot:$175

In 2021, I nearly lost my business and my life due to years of suffering with extreme burnout.  I've been there and I've healed, but now I'm on the journey to prevent others from doing the same.

Join the weekly coaching opportunity to take you from burnout to balance in the beginning of 2023!      

Group will be limited to 25 members.

Meeting Dates: January 3, 10, 17, and 24

All Meetings will be recorded in case you cannot make it.  They will be hosted at 11:00am and 2:00pm EST.

Book your spot today for only $175 with the remaining $175 due December 15th. Coaching will begin right after Christmas holiday on Tuesday, January 3rd 2023 on Zoom.


Wk 1. -  Admitting to Burnout and Realizing the Cause.

Wk 2. -  Burnout, Business and Boundaries, OH MY!

Wk 3. - The Mind shift

Wk 4. - Re-structure and Re-align