Hi, I’m Julie Paisley and I’m so excited you are here! 

An 2009 I was given a camera as a gift and it changed my life. I was 37 years old, had a masters degree in education but instantly fell in love with photography and decided to retire from teaching to pursue it.

It was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life.

After photographing newborns and families for a few years, I stumbled into the world of wedding photography and a few years later was named one of the best wedding photographers in the world.

Being a wedding photographer opened so many doors for me through the years. It took me places all over the world. I had celebrity clients, spoke on conference stages, and mentored hundreds of my fellow photographers but 2020 changed all of that for me.

I had built my business around being an international wedding photographer and since weddings and travel had been cancelled, it gave me a new perspective on my business and I felt the pull that it was time to change. 2021 confirmed this decision when I was diagnosed with cancer and we became primary caregivers for my husband’s parents.

So that’s what finds me here. I’m still a photographer but I have stepped down from big weddings and I now host international retreats and mentor my fellow photographers who are experiencing burnout and need to find their own level of success.

Yes, travel and photography changed my life and that was the inspiration behind this little shop.

It’s called “All the Pretty Places” and is inspired by all the pretty places my camera has taken me. It’s part curated gift shop from small businesses all over the world, and it also hosts a home to my art prints and retreats. I also have BIG plans for the future, so stay around, Ok?

Not only are you supporting my small business, you are also supporting other small businesses because I have chosen to only purchase my products from my fellow makers and business owners. I think this is what makes this shop special.

I’m just so happy you are here!

xo. Julie

Julie Paisley